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You won’t find a lot of blogs on the list, and you definitely won’t find any static (non updated) sites.The biggest sites in the world tend to be one of the following types: Social Networks (Facebook, My Space), User-Contributed Content (You Tube, Flickr, Word, Utilities (URL Shorteners, Search/Portals, Photo Sharing) and Big Content Sites (People Magazine, Hulu).The only problem is, sites don’t readily publish their traffic statistics for the world to see.Lucky for us, there are a couple of other ways we can approximate a site’s traffic.Alexa publishes a list of the top 500 most popular sites in the world, and sub-lists of the top 100 most popular sites in many countries.Google, of course is #1 in the world, and in most places around the globe.So, you’ve gone through our Website Traffic 101 course, you think you’ve got this traffic building stuff down pat, and you want to build a top 1000 site?

We can estimate what it takes by using Alexa and Compete both.If we plug that site into Compete, it tells us has approximately 9.6M visits per month (or about 320k visits per day). You could plug a bunch of guesses into Alexa until you find the #1000 site (they don’t publish a list that long currently).Figure that the #1000 site probably receives more than half of the visits of the #500 site, so maybe 160k visits per day.This isn’t an exact science by any means, but I wanted to give you a ballpark idea of just how big the most popular sites are.Now that you know how much traffic we’re talking about, here are 4 “easy” steps to build a top 1000 site.

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There are a few companies out there (most notably Alexa and Compete) which create estimates of a site’s traffic by using thousands of browser toolbars installed by people around the world.

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