Tips for the early stages of dating

I texted him in the afternoon joking around and no response.

A few hours later i texted asking if he was still planning on going to so and so.the end of the work day i just joked saying hope you're ok lol and left it alone.

I should have stopped after one text--that was silly of me but we have texted alot in the past so i felt semi comfortable with it. I was actually starting to think before he may be blowing me off (insecurity maybe from other guys) and he doesn't explain anything.says hey sorry lol etc etc I pointed out in a joking way ok flaky lol He did text me in the morning and I just feel like maybe I need to start mirroring what he does at times?

If he takes hours to respond then I should do the same.necessarily to play games but to show the same type of consideration he is showing me.

Otherwise he would have responded in a more timely fashion, even if just to text, "got your text. will text later" to acknowledge your text and validate that you matter to him. I got rid of the data plan on my cellphone for this reason, so that people will have to call me to stay in touch. His inconsistent texting means he's blowing you off. I agree, sometimes in situations like this that happen more than once you have to show through your actions you won't be so available.That is great and sweet in a sense but from my experience a guy can flake or even blow a person off despite introducing them to friends and family early on so I don't place great importance on this (yet anyway) We are usually in some form of contact each day whether through texting or calling.We do joke around alot through text b/c sometimes we can't talk.I met someone from online.have been out about 5 times so far.Things seem to be going well and he seems to be interested.

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5 dates does not a relationship make, nor does it mean either of you need to be exclusive with each other this early on.

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