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There are women, and girls under 20, who also do it now, but they risk getting caught every time they go on the street.

People will do what they want, no matter what we like or dislike.

I believe, this is based on what I read about it, that if prostitution was made legal the same thing would happen. I am just providing facts about it and what would happen in the event prostitution would become legal.

But I imagine in the age of craigslist, brothels can be more "discreet" - there need not be a huge red light "district" so much as a red light website...

@hhusted I think these kind of joints exist in every urban city in fact several thinkers in the US and elsewhere advocate the legalizing of prostitution.

Where did the, um, not so clean contingent go, exactly? @hhusted prostitution is actually legal in the Netherlands maybe that's why they are so open about [email protected] uraniumfish I don't really know if NYC has a district per se but it does have a ton of strip clubs which are located all over the city like Flashdancers, Larry Flynt's Hustler club , Scandals, Sapphire, Scores etc Have heard that these clubs are especially popular with the high rollers of Wall Street who are happy to drop tons of' cash in there.

Fair enough, @hhusted, I'm just going by hearsay/what friends have mentioned (not that they've ever gone in search of houses of ill repute, to be fair).

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