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Baby bassinet on board service; Stretcher service; Oxygen service: We do not provide these services. Elderly passengers: Contributed – to – Revolution passengers, disabled passengers, elderly passengers, pregnant women and passengers travel with infant are served with priority at Vietjet ticketing offices, airport and onboard.

(Day la cac dia chi ma cac ban co the goi thiep dien tu voi nhung loi chuc than thuong cho gia dinh,nguoi than va ban be.

- Infants with unusual health status or prematurely born children - Passengers who might have their medical condition aggravated during the flight: lung diseases, ear or nose diseases, newly broken bone, newly surgery, newly being pregnant by artificial insemination, serious allergy, etc.

- Passengers requiring wheelchair for step(WCHS): be accepted when travel with accompanied passenger, who is from 18 years of age or older, healthy enough to assist WCHS passengers up/down steps and on board; each accompanied passenger is accepted to travel with only 01 WCHS. Service for Blind passengers is a service offered to passengers, who lost the ability to sense the visual partly or completely, and need special supports. Conditions of acceptance: - For accompanied BLND passenger: We accept for carriage of accompanied blind passenger as normal passenger; accompanied passenger is required from 18 years of age or older, healthy enough to assist BLND passengers; Each accompanied passenger is accepted to travel with 02 BLND.Videos; Karaoke; Musics; Lyrics; Photos; News; Forums; Video All site » Phim Bộ Hong Kong » Thần Long Kiếm Hiệp 102 Phim Tiên Kiếm Hiệp - Full 42/42 Xem Online Nhanh Nhất Giới Thiệu Nội Dung Phim : ...Đây được xem là một trong số truyền hình cổ trang Trung ... 106 Trang 5: Phim Kiem Hiep Pha Sex China - Xem ...Passengers required for medical clearance before departure is a passenger who has at least one of the criteria below: - Passengers who are unable to care for themselves during the flight due to mental problems - The injured passengers, illness or health condition can cause seriously impact to the other passengers on the flight.- Pregnant passengers, include: Pregnant with twin or more children; or being pregnant by artificial insemination; or fetal evolution is abnormal.

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