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He flew to Los Angeles to meet with the casting team.

He said he went through a psychiatric evaluation, a blood test and examinations of his emotional intelligence and personality."It was a top-to-bottom, cradle-to-grave view of your whole system," Rosenfield said.

The women individually decide if they would like to pursue a relationship with the suitor by heading to the tiki bar to vie for the guy or back to their bungalows to wait for the next bachelor (the decision to go left or right resembles the "swiping" feature on the dating app Tinder).

After meeting all of the female contestants, the man goes to the tiki bar to see which women are interested in him and pick out two to date.

MOST READ ENTERTAINMENT NEWS THIS HOURAfter dating both women, he chooses one to pursue a relationship with in another section of the island.

The woman not picked heads back to the bungalows to meet the next suitor.

We had a new normal.'One such face is that of Chad Johnson, the famously acid-tongued bombshell who competed on the 12th series of The Bachelorette this summer.

In August, he was thrown off Bachelor In Paradise for a drunken rampage during which he appeared to have defecated in his own shorts.

The Deerfield native said he's never watched an episode of reality TV, and he doesn't even have cable to keep up with the genre.

She told host Chris Harrison that she “regrets” her decision to get physical so soon, to which Harrison responded, “That’s good.” (Hmm.) He then delivered (not acknowledging it as such) Kaitlyn’s punishment for her whorish behavior: She will not get to meet her remaining suitors’ families next week as planned.

Instead, Harrison told her she will have to skip straight to the Fantasy Suite dates next week to “even the playing field” for the rest of the men.

See, usually—for those unfamiliar with the 25 horny contestants that he or she will send home one-by-one during the six-odd weeks the show films.

When he or she narrows down the list of potential life partners to three, he or she will be granted the opportunity to have a private audience with each of them individually in the “Fantasy Suite,” a luxurious hotel room where the cameras are off and the rose petals are ’s long tradition of Biblically retrograde attitudes toward women and sex, Kaitlyn had to be punished.

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