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”)First things first: it’s OK that you’re showing up more as a little girl than a woman, if you feel like you are.If you don’t acknowledge the little girl, then she will never let the woman appear.The truth is…we wouldn’t be so enthusiastic to say there are tonnes of little boys in the dating market if we were showing up as a woman.Because a woman notices the little boys, but her attention is too diverted towards the Real Men to complain about the boys.(Click here to take the quiz “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?And I say life because…the quality of our life and how happy we are depends on how happy our relationships are.If you have ever wondered what a real woman might look like…here are my opinions.Key Difference Number 4)A little girl is afraid of ecstasy extreme pain. We’re just doing what we can to please others and not be rejected by them. But it’s useless if what you want is a deep and passionate relationship with a man that lasts.

We are ALL very good at pointing at other people and saying ‘Oh yeah, THEY do THAT.’ But we don’t really look at ourselves.Changing the situation herself could include; loving her man through his fears instead of reacting to everything. KEY Difference Number 2)A little girl is obsessed with the idea of ‘equality’ and ‘compromise’ in a relationship with a man. Because I feel the constriction in my body when I ask for it. I feel that I am creating my own suffering and my man’s suffering when I ask for a compromise. A woman recognises that whenever she demands equality or compromise that this is her fear driving her to ask for that.She does the fearless thing instead; she knows that compromise and vying for ‘equality’ is a child’s game that might lead to CONTENTMENT and safety, but NEVER to ecstasy, and certainly NEVER, to an infinite life with a man.Ironically…at the same time, we demand a man out of our partner.Or we claim that the dating market is full of little boys.

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