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That is why adults need to talk to teens now about the importance of developing healthy, respectful relationships.Dating violence can have a negative effect on health throughout life.Meeting in a public place during daylight hours is also advisable.Teens should no either use any substances that could impair their judgment nor go somewhere – particularly in a vehicle – without someone who has.

Furthermore, most of intimate violence occurs in the victim’s home.

Teen Sexuality Dating does not always and need not involve a sexual relationship, but teenagers who are engaging in sex are at risk for sexually transmitted diseases and – if they are a heterosexual couple having intercourse – pregnancy.

Sexual harassment, while it may be more often thought of as occurring between people who are not in a relationship, can – by definition as any unwanted sexual approach that makes the recipient uncomfortable or interferes with his or her life – occur within a dating relationship.

Did you know that in a recent national survey, 1 in 10 teens reported being hit or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend at least once in the 12 months before the survey?

Additionally, during the 12 months before the survey, 1 in 10 teens reported they had been kissed, touched, or physically forced to have sexual intercourse when they did not want to at least once by someone they were dating.

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