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We form joint venture partnerships in which we serve as an artificial intelligence laboratory and venture builder.

We leverage our expertise building machine learning infrastructure and applications and combine it with our partners’ datasets, their domain specific knowledge and market access.

Plus, they get to do a little self-exploration as they answer questions.

Digital dating is fun, but it can also be incredibly discouraging and emotionally exhausting.

Merantix built an AI-based system capable of predicting currency exchange rates at market relevant speeds.

Our deep models recognize complex market movements way ahead of traditional methods.

Sapio counters that by implementing an extra level of filtering when it comes to who you message and choose to meet IRL, while still offering an endless flow of content (both pics and answers) to look through while using the app.

Sapio founders Kristin Tynski and Kelsey Libert told Tech Crunch that they plan to use virtual currency, which unlocks answers and may eventually be used to unlock more right swipes, as a revenue generator.

Merantix provides cutting-edge technology to support our venture partners in their effort to stay ahead of the curve.

Alongside information like age and location, the profile also includes three questions that have been answered by that user. The only way to unlock answers to people’s questions is to answer those questions yourself. You acquire currency by answering questions, or purchasing them through in-app purchases. In a Questions section of the app, Sapio offers more than 300 open-ended questions across a wide variety of categories, including Personality, Hypotheticals, Dreams and Future Plans, Sex and Sexuality, and My Quirks.

Each time you answer a question, you see all the answers to that question from other users on the app.

We apply cutting edge research to real-world problems, conceptualize, build, and scale ventures that deliver unmatched value in many of industries.

The financial services industry has a long history of taking advantage of new technologies, and deep learning is no exception.

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