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The maximum penalty for using a carriage service to groom an underage person for sex – the charge most commonly used in these cases – is 15 years.

But government data shows less than half of offenders receive a prison sentence.

Transcripts from several cases obtained by Fairfax Media show that the undercover officers don't bait or initiate sexualised talk.

It is largely one-sided and often happen disturbingly fast.

The majority of matters initially involve a real child and it's only through good parenting, education and sometimes just luck that we get to them," he said.Many sentences are shorter than the prison rehabilitation programs."The sentences imposed are something that remain a concern to police," Mr Haddow said."The challenge for us is to get the message across that these are really serious crimes against children."Last week, another Strike Force Trawler target, Ermington father-of-three Raffi Moskofian, 53, was sentenced to 27 months' jail, of which 12 months is non-parole, for 13 Skype conversations with a fictitious 14-year-old.Wilson was handed a two-year prison sentence to be served as an intensive corrections order in the community and he has been banned from working with children.He said he had used internet chat rooms since a teen out of loneliness, curiosity and an inability to talk about sex in real life.

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