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Nothing makes a boyish movie star's face more handsome than a beard.arrived at Swift's hotel at 4 a.m.

Taylor Swift might have recorded her first new song after breaking things off with Calvin Harris earlier this year, and we have the video to (sort of) prove it.

But as with any work of abstract art crafted by a wild and violent master, there are a couple lenses through which one can interpret Taylor Swift's romantic past. Is she a witch whose sleep two teenage sweethearts disturbed one night while driving up to Lovers Lane?

Taylor Swift, shrewd businesswoman that she is, is making bank off her services as a no-sex-games-or-funny-business professional handholding companion. for two reasons: to initiate sex or to tell you you've been accepted to Hogwarts – congrats.)So who is the real Taylor Swift? Study this guide, a tableaux of beaux, and draw your own conclusions:(Note that, while every gentleman on this list is given a corresponding song, many of them were, in fact, the subjects of multiple songs.)Forever and Always Hidden message: (every Swift track carries with IN it a hidden mes SAge, spelled out via letter capitalizatio Ns In The l Yric notes) "IF YOU PLAY THESE GAMES, WE' RE BOTH GOING TO LOSE" Sample lyric: Rebuttal: "I know she's the biggest thing in the world, and I'm not trying to sink anybody's ship, but I think it's abusing your talent to rub your hands together and go, ' Wait till he gets a load of this!

He started singing "Style" and I sang "Blank Space," and we both kind of went, "Whoa, this is crazy. Within six hours, there were articles online and I fell all over again.

Louisa Wendorff: No, I'm from a suburb of Los Angeles called Palos Verdes.

I moved to Nashville about two and a half years ago to pursue music.

She says, “The idea for the video came after Louisa and Devin played the mash-up for me. Louisa said, ‘What if we were standing face to face and singing the song?

’ And I said, ‘Well, what if you guys were standing back to back?

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