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For those among you who are prepared to be a little more daring with your date ideas, there’s nothing quite as romantic as horse riding along an open beach under the blue skies.

Geologically, it is principally composed of sodium and potassium rich rhyolite with some sandstone surrounds.It goes without saying that the view from the summit is truly magnificent; a 360 degree overview of the Sunshine Coast can be had by simply turning around; coastline and beaches extending from Moreton Island to Double Island Point, the cane fields and wetland areas of the Maroochy River Valley, as well as the main areas of the Coast, plus more; for the photography buff, there is a seemingly endless supply of material just waiting to be captured.Long before the appearance of Europeans, the Aborigines were also obviously affected by its aesthetic appeal; its image of solidity; its stark, isolated bulk; almost every story, myth or legend of these parts involves Mount Coolum in some way.The diversity of plant life within such a confined area is unequalled.The site has been intensely studied and over 700 plant types are now documented.

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