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The robot has been designed to help address Japan's rapidly ageing population.

The median age in the country is 46 - one of the world's highest - and its birth rate has slumped to a record low.

Held in Tokyo once every two years since 1973, IREX is the biggest robot show in the world, and it features everything from cute communication bots to immensely powerful industrial machinery.

Companies like Fanuc, which makes robot factory equipment used by Apple and Tesla but generally stays out of the spotlight, take center stage at IREX to demonstrate how effortlessly their articulated arms can pick up entire cars.

It could well help the Robo Hon appeal to that increasingly huge subsection of Japanese smartphone shoppers: the elderly. There's a leatherish covering on both the soles of the robot's lil' booties and his ears.

Picking up the robot-phone, it feels almost like a toy, but in a good way. And like many other plainer smartphones, there's already a range of Swarovski crystal accessories. The emblem on the front of its chest doubles as a clip, securing it as you slide it (ridiculously, adorably) into your jacket or trouser pocket.

As you might imagine, it's quite the place to walk around.Le immagini presenti nel sito sono di proprieta' di chi ne detiene i diritti e sono raccolte a puro scopo illustrativo.Tutti i marchi appartengono ai legittimi proprietari.Sharp's spokesman tells us this is because the primary method of using Robo Hon is by talking to it; the touchscreen is a secondary interface.(You'll still need it to confirm actions, take calls and use it in noisier places.) Soft buttons are bigger and icons are huge.

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