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An Austrian win would also be good for the partying atmosphere, but let`s face it, Austria probably won`t make it through the first round.

No wonder there is more merchandising for the tournament itself than for the Austrian national team.

Lukas (19) thinks it`s all overdone: `I don`t like football but I do live near the place where one of the fan areas will be.

`I was born in Romania myself and I see the number of Romanian holidaymakers in Austria increase by the year.

This will be another reason for them to come over and visit.

Croatia is considered a `special enemy` because of the Croatian minority in the South of Austria, while Germany is seen the eternal football enemy. Consequences: the world champions of 1974 did not make it to the last four of the 1978 Worldcup.

The one time Austria managed to defeat Germany, a well-documented event back in 1978 in Argentina, is still remembered as `The night of C? Tickets Christian (34) knows that the company he works for has managed to obtain tickets to quite a few matches.

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