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(At least he was honest.) But this boy, Shaun — a 30-year-old creative director who is mainly a photographer and does video, too — was all about the sleeping-over portion of this date. I’m a at a cocktail lounge in midtown and also at a celebrity chef’s newest baby on the Upper East Side. We make plans to meet up the following weekend, which is rapidly approaching. I dropped a few casual sentences to some close friends about my decision to take the LSAT test and their response was not what I was expecting: Really? About an hour or so later, I check my phone and tell him I should get back. Maybe tomorrow I will tell Will to fly me to California.

Shaun is one of the most affectionate men I’ve slept with. It’s such a lifestyle change, going from Spandex all day with hardly any makeup, sweat constantly matting your hair to your face, to fitted little sexy suits with silk tops. I’ve taken total control of this situation and I feel like the sexiest woman in Brooklyn. Maybe I will reach out to Neal and playfully ask him to sketch me.

The real reason I moved to New York was to be a writer. I write every single day and I know my writing is better than most of what I read. I live for feeling like I can conquer something in my life when nothing seems to be heading in the right direction. Once they get me in bed, they are usually surprised to find out what a freak I can be. Where my flaw lies is that I can’t detach emotion from it.

This is why I am sleeping around, to distract myself from feeling like a giant failure. If there is one thing I’m more fanatical about than working out, it’s men.

Reading e Writing is a series of 6 emails which you write to a writing centre instructor, in response to a reading of your choice.

The goal is to strengthen the speed and ease with which you read, reason, and write.

For a list of popular Canadian literature, visit There are currently 6 options for Reading e Writing.

These options range from summarizing to close reading of a passage.

Reading e Writing will be offered next as a free, 3-week program in Winter 2017.I stop at home to brush my teeth and put on my workout clothes. It makes me feel like less of a fuck-up if I’m doing something physical with my body. At Barry’s Bootcamp, when Noah says to increase the speed or incline one point, I jack it up until everything burns and I see that white fuzz. I kind of enjoy walking around with last night on my skin and in my hair. When my barre instructor at Pure Barre says one inch lower, I take it four. The only way to calm myself down is to get myself off. After the gym, I settle in at Freehold for coffee and writing, job searching in between. I would feel terrible if I made you late for work.” It takes him a few minutes but he’s pretty responsive. Plus I would never make you feel guilty for being naked in my bed.” There it is. When Kristin at Y7 Yoga says to add on anything you want during the flow, I take it to the next level. Being a Soul Cycle instructor was never my first choice but it ended up being a dream job. When I get back on a Soul Cycle bike with Karyn and she tells us to keep turning that wheel, you better believe I do it with gusto while pounding on the handlebars. I live for feeling like my insides are being ripped from my body. Men look at me like I’m something they want to fuck and I know that. Law is something my parents always thought I’d be good at, but I never felt like I was intelligent enough.

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If the program is full when you try to register, you will be given priority in registration for upcoming sessions.

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