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STORY: ' Movie 43' Trailer: Emma Stone, Gerard Butler and a Plethora of Stars Get Raunchy “They just looked at me and said, ‘Go for it,’” Wessler tells.

“It takes a lot of balls to make something that is not conventional.” Not only is the film unconventional in its structure, but it takes plenty of risks in its storytelling.

Charlie eventually pulls a gun on Griffin to force Griffin to go to his boss Bob Mone (Common) to consider buying the film.

The Catch (Overtly bizzare) Beth (Kate Winslet) discovers that while on a blind date with Davis (Hugh Jackman) has testicles hanging down from his neck.

Robert and Samantha homeschool Kevin and give him all the experiences a normal kid would have.

He got three pairs of directors -- Trey Parker and Matt Stone ( films) -- to sign on to write and direct one-third of the project each.“And Tucker took me aside and said, ‘Don’t tell anybody else it’s experimental because they’ll be scared.’ “ One of the most amazing feats of the film is the inclusion of so many big-name actors.Along with Winslet and Jackman, the cast includes Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Chloe Grace Moretz, Gerard Butler, Seann William Scott, Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell, Richard Gere, Justin Long, Emma Stone and Naomi Watts.This segment ends with Kevin dating a doll with his samantha face on it.The Proposition (Disgusting) Vanessa (Anna Faris) wants Jason (Chris Pratt) to poop on her.

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Pete and Brian both kill the Leprechauns and it ends with Pete showing Brian a fairy that he has captured.

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