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I made my inaugural visit to the show on Saturday, thanks to a media pass and the generosity of my bosses, and emerged with a spinning head and a jumble of notes jotted down on somebody else’s mustard-stained hotdog wrapper.

When I arrived at the fairgrounds just after 10 a.m.

The five day event draws in thousands of anglers and hunters from all over the region who are looking to upgrade their out-of-doors operations.

Free to peruse what must be another thousand gear vendors, how-to demonstrators, try-it-yourself enablers and look-but-don’t-touch-because-you-can’t-afford-it tables, the event draws in good ol’ boys and girls of all ages who understand that the Pacific Northwest is for playing outside.

Advice once given to me by a dear friend echoed in my head as exuberant hollers echoed in the tent. ”Quick draw cap guns and feeding frenzy fish ponds were not the only spoils for the kids.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of an exhibition hall was a real-life archery range, specifically for the wee ones.

on Saturday morning, there were already lines backing up into the street at the main entrances.

There were fly tiers, personal gun engravers, and boats I can’t afford with motors bigger than me.In the midst of the goats, chainsaw fumes, cigar and Little Chief smoke, it was the omnipresent wafting of the fair food that kept my head on a swivel. Alas, the fair food was too expensive for this poor scribe, and all I wound up with is this crusty old hotdog wrapper for my ragtag notes.The Washington Sportsmen’s Show has packed up its big top and bid adieu to its cast of clowns and lion tamers for the year, but a true outdoorsman never stops preparing for the next opportunity.Crammed in the corner, next to the mustard stain, were my wisest words of the day: Make a to-do list in advance.For a first timer like me, with nothing in particular to look for, the Washington Sportsmen’s Show was a bit overwhelming, in a Barnum and Bailey meets hunters-only speed dating kind of way.

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