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On her Instagram, Luna wrote a heartfelt message to her sister that went, "The first photo shoot with Jinyoung unnie whom I love.[She] must have been tired since the filming began early, but she never stopped smiling, which I was touched by."How can we stand to live the next 4 years" was answered of the political battle!In that ONE day we'd become the UNITED STATES OF HYSTERIA.

I wonder what it will be, but I do NOT wonder if we will survive until that momentous event slaps us back to our senses.

And to top it off there have been calls from formerly decent, hardworking, professional Americans for the new President to be assassinated!!

Basically of America does NOT LIKE the President and NOTHING is going to change that. How dare we surrender that much power over our EMOTIONAL well being to any politician, no matter what the position.! You know, the Civic Classes that taught about the three branches of government put in place so each branch can check on the other from time to time.

Violence broke out, property was destroyed, fires were set and people were paid to protest all over the country.

All those happy, contented folks raised their voices because their hair was set on fire.

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