Single mom of 2 dating

Society is replete with thankfully childless über-feminists who hate the idea of ever becoming pregnant.Similarly, there are enough cases of women with kids who would make better partners than girls who are yet to expel a human being from their body.For example, repeated studies show that female cheating is approaching or has equaled levels of male infidelity.

Women have no socially-enforced responsibility for their relationship behaviors, even when those relationships produce children.In this permissive environment, which both looks past and invariably rewards prima donna female antics, women with children feel more able still to go off the deep end, sabotage their relationships, and then pretend that they were the offended, even abused party.It is into this maelstrom of female self-entitlement that the prospective boyfriend of a single mother walks.The single mother craze is just the collective self-delusion of has-been women with kids, backed up by a sympathetic cultural narrative.It is designed to assuage the hurt they feel at being upstaged by packs of new, frequently younger or better-looking nubile girls that men really want to claim.

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