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The trouble is this girl has got an attachment to him. Back To Top There are a lot of ways that you can say 'I love you.' look at his nonverbal communication. So many people don't try to understand the needs of the other party. They want some companionship, somebody who will share their joys and their griefs and talk. I have heard of people who have brought their girlfriends on a family vacation. Back To Top The bachelor parties are normally orgies. A lot of people get drunk and there are dirty jokes. Take my maidservant and you have a child by her.' That apparently was OK. If he keeps this up, you can't have your children exposed to marijuana and coarse language.It’s easy for a kid her age to get a crush on somebody that’s older, and that’s what’s happening. A lot of guys just come home, ask where dinner is, eat, sit down and watch television, do whatever they do, and go to bed. I don't know what you could do except get a marriage counselor to help with it. Gomer [in the book of Hosea] was out with all of these men, and her husband went and brought her home. It is one of those things that you have to tell him, 'Look, I love you, but I am not going to stand for it. The answer is that there is just no way that someone is having a bachelor party in Las Vegas. In our way of looking at things, that would have been adultery. It is being imprinted on their impressionable minds.There is absolutely nothing educational about computer porn. Your husband is kidding himself, and he needs to be set free from his addiction to pornography.Several years ago, a survey in Fortune magazine estimated that approximately 6 percent of the executives in America are sex addicts.Back To Top I know that’s a tough thing, but the answer is yes, that’s a type of adultery. But as long as you’ve got a romantic relationship, and there is a bond between you, you’re joining yourself to somebody who has in turn joined to the devil. Back To Top I think you had better tell her, 'Look, dear, do you have any idea what this is doing to me? You have got to say, 'Listen, I understand what you are doing, and I understand that what you need is self-affirmation. I will affirm you all you need, but what you are doing hurts me, because I committed my life to you with vows and you've committed your life to me. You need to go over what it is that you have done.' Forsaking all others is what at least some of the vows say. So if somebody is flawed, and he obviously is, you don’t need to have resentment, nor do you have to pray that he’ll be fouled up in his next. And believe you, God will bring plenty of bad things in his life without you helping. Do they want to stay with their daddy and watch him smoke pot and use bad language, or do they want to go with you?' The reason that women flirt is that it builds their self-esteem. I am attractive to men and I can put some moves on and these guys really go for me. Flirty wife will find herself mixed up in an affair. You don't belong to all of the men you happen to see along the way. So just let it go and praise God and say, “Lord, I love you.” Fill your life with the goodness of the Lord. How will you support yourself after it is all over?To the man addicted to hard-core pornography, real physical sex with a real woman pales beside the mental eroticism found on the Internet.Your husband is comparing you, his wife, to the women he sees on the Internet.

This is a costly problem in many American corporations since so many workers are surfing the Net, obsessed with obscene materials, engaging in illicit chat-room "conversations," or passing along smutty jokes, instead of concentrating on doing their jobs.Prostate cancer and operations thereof render men impotent. However, your marriage goes on, and you can still have love and all kinds of affection. You can always pray together, and that is as important as anything.Back To Top The most powerful human instrument of sexual desire is the mind, not the genitals.The women used in pornography commit unspeakable acts, not because they like to do so, but because they are pawns of some of the most evil human beings on the planet.The utter depravity being shown on the Internet is beyond belief, so don't be deceived.

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