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But I've heard from friends that it was the male guitarist who played the intro.Maybe she was talking about the wild strumming and not the intricate main intro.Does anyone know the real facts, and has whoever did play that ever done anything comparable? Also are there any explanations why the didn't do it on "The Road Home"?You'd think that a band who has one of the best acoustic guitar pieces in rock music might want to include it in their acoustic show."Ann and Nancy described the meaning of this song to be about ecology and the preservation of the earth, clean air and clean water." WHAAAT? This song is clearly about infatuation - probably sexual infatuation."They returned to Seattle when that was no longer a threat of them being called up in the draft.Michael was the band's 'shaman' or visionary leader. Though she says the chemistry was never really right there.Funny thing, Ann says her 'going crazy on' Michael was something she saw as the pinnacle experience... I was serving in the US Navy and in 1977 we were off the coast of Sicily (Catania) and one of my shipmates subscribed to Rolling Stone Magazine and this band was featured on the cover. including Ann's first recording Through Eyes and Glass.So in the book, Ann says Crazy on You was pretty much purely a sexual story between her and Michael Fisher. But was later the drummer and Nancy's (kind of) boyfriend.

Nobody else was home, so I bounded out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel 'round my midsection and called the radio station to find out the name and artist because I had missed it when the DJ said it, but I couldn't get through.The band took them and Ann was really messed up on stage and felt like she was a forty year old even though at the time she was only twenty-one.When she went to bed she was still feeling really nervous and couldn't go to sleep so she wrote down parts of the song.The Wilson Sister paved the way for other rocker chicks like Evanecence and Alanis.All female singers and artists should be grateful to Heart for not having to endure male chauvanism as they experienced it themselves.

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