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Two months ago a new family moved into the unit next to mine.At first, they seemed friendly enough—their son, about 4, was a little noisy but that’s life.It should go without saying that you are not doing anything wrong by having sex in your own home, and based on the care you’ve taken to keep things relatively quiet it’s unlikely that you’re violating any city noise ordinances.Her attempts to scare you by threatening to have you arrested as a sexual predator (for having consensual sex with another adult in the privacy of your own home) are cruel and homophobic and completely groundless, but I certainly understand your anxiety.

Your brother may not be interested in learning to find himself by himself; he may be interested in the excitement and thrill of a brand-new relationship.

Until a week later when I found out he had been chatting with a girl online and they went on a date. He spent all of a recent family weekend texting like he’s a teenager. I pointed out the quickness of her possessiveness, but he is like a puppy with the gate open. I would consider your brother’s new girlfriend’s actions to be a yellow flag at best—let’s save red flags for things like isolating, name-calling, obsessive controlling behavior, extreme jealousy, and the like.

At their next conversation she asked if she could be his girlfriend. He’s not moving in with her yet, he’s not neglecting his children or quitting his job abruptly or making irreversible financial decisions.

I guess I could make attending AA meetings as a condition of her staying here, but she has resisted intervention and AA treatment so far while admitting she is an alcoholic.

And this could end up being a very long-term roommate situation. A: If Sally has the money to pay rent, she can find somewhere else to pay it.

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About two weeks ago, the mom approached me while I was getting into my car and asked for a word with me.

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