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This information has now been passed on to Interpol.Of over 1,000 identified, three are reported to be Irish but their identities have not been disclosed.The exhibition also seeks to put the spotlight on the visionary work of Nicolas Schöffer who was closely associated with the Situationists and part of the French radical architecture movement in the 1960s.He designed a utopian city, the Ville Cybernétique(1955 -1969) which contained its own Centre for Sexual Leisure.Many of the exhibits have never been created before and are constructed through language or the projected image.

Audio-visual material New documentaries by Andrés Hispano and Félix Pérez Hita, on Bentham’s Panopticon, and on the developement of hippie communes in USA, the last one including clips from the film The exhibition is divided into three thematic sections The exhibition begins with some of the speculative projects by architects, thinkers, artists and communities who have sought to have an impact on sexual behaviour by monitoring spaces.

The organisation said in a report today that in a very short period over 20,000 people approached ‘Sweetie’ and asked her to perform sexual acts on a webcam.

By asking these adults for information about their social media profiles the organisation was able to gather information about the people and uncover the identities of 1,000 of them.

It shows the role of architecture as a sensorial experience in seduction strategies and how sophistication in the design of constructional and mechanical devices can fire the erotic imagination.

Architecture and storytelling worked osmotically during the 18th century in a game of mutual fascination.

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