Sex text chat without loggin

To block a person, tap the Block icon and then tap Block. Select the Block and Remove option to remove them from your friend list.

oo Voo is free to use for video calls and send text messages.

Tap Block and Remove to remove them from your friend list.

Tap and hold on a contact and it will highlight red.

In order to make yourself unsearchable, go to oo Voo Notifications and uncheck the boxes to receive e-mails. Tap Privacy & Security and change your search preferences to No one.

They should never share personal information which identifies them or any images and videos they wouldn’t share with you.

To report a user, click on the small arrow next to their name in your friends list and a menu list will appear.

Like many other sites and apps, oo Voo is used by both adults and children.

This means that children can be directly contacted by an adult they don’t know.

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