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Harsh winter conditions mean less people are risking the sea voyage to reach Europe this month compared to the previous months.

However, there is still an average of 2,000 people arriving every day.

In ELIAMEP Working Paper 69/2015 Research Associate of Migration Programme Ms Eleni Zervos analyses sex trafficking in Greece.

In particular, she focuses on structural barriers and vulnerability victims face in seeking protection.

According to the lawsuit, the book reveals the identities of the individuals supposedly involved in the orgies.

Mayes, who lived on the Greek island of Halki, decided to write this book in 2008 which was published at the end of the same year.

As noted in the subsequent field report: "Single women travelling alone or with children, pregnant and lactating women, adolescent girls, unaccompanied children, early-married children - sometimes themselves with newborn babies - persons with disabilities, and elderly men and women are among those who are particularly at risk and require a coordinated and effective protection response." This joint venture was the first among several field missions and profiling exercises that aid and advocacy agencies are conducting to accurately assess the problems on the ground and recommend key actions to address these concerns.

Many refugee and migrant women and girls have already been exposed to various forms of SGBV either in their country of origin, first asylum or along the journey to and in Europe.

Upon arrival on a Greek island, she slept in the open without shelter, privacy or access to assistance. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the Women's Refugee Commission (WRC) are concerned about the grave risks to refugee and migrant women and girls on the move in Europe, such as Oumo and others.A certain extract of the book refers to two young ladies who had sexual intercourse with several men in the cells of a Greek monastery while the priest was conducting the Holy Communion ceremony in the church.The residents say that the book includes “false and libelous content,” stressing that the author’s aim is fame and money."The health and rights of victims of wars and persecution, especially women and adolescent girls, should not be treated like an afterthought in humanitarian response.UNFPA is working with partners to ensure that women refugees and migrants have access to sexual and reproductive health services, and to prevent and respond to gender-based violence," said Dr.

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