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When people travel to Bubastis for the festival, this is what they do.Every baris carrying them there overflows with people, a huge crowd of them, men and women together.See full summary » 15 yrs after she was left in a ditch, a young woman is contacted by a millionaire from NYC who claims to be her mother.When she arrives at the family estate, she finds herself in the middle of a mysterious plot.The couple reluctantly hires attractive young India Eisley (as Heather Lambert) as a new babysitter for gap-toothed little Farrah Mackenzie (as Chloe).The teenage babysitter shows off a hickey on her upper thigh to bond with the little girl, who is scarred from the opening incident... Gigandet are often out working and don't want another unexplained incident to occur, Ms. This formula has been done before, and much more memorably.Some of the women have clappers, while some of the men have pipes which they play throughout the voyage.

Working mother Laura Allen and handsome, well-built husband Cam Gigandet (as Linda and Mark Kessler) leave their little girl with elderly, hard-of-hearing babysitter Carol Herman (as Barbara Highsmith) and a mishap occurs.High School senior MARK RICHARDS has never minded his overprotective widowed mother, TANYA, and is a good son to her as he prepares to go off to Princeton in the fall. See full summary » Sam Gleason lives in a town where high school football is the backbone of the community.When she accuses a member of the team of committing heinous acts against her on a night she can't even remember, will anyone believe her?Initially, Heather, the new babysitter, seems like the ideal addition to this practically perfect family.But Heather is a schemer who exploits the cracks in Mark and Linda's relationship.

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Allen sets up a hidden camera to monitor events in the home. "Nanny Cam" stumbles around its titillating situation.

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