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Police Chief Rick Hanson says while the stress of the situation can sometimes take a toll on Hawk, he says it's amazing how victims respond.

"I don't think people can ever understand, unless they've been victimized themselves, the trauma that's associated to certain types of crimes," he said.

After an investigation in August 2016 by the Harris County Sheriff's Office, Gerbode's personal computer was identified as possibly containing child pornography.

Documents state that 476 images of child porn were discovered on his computer.

"Often we'll ask a question, or a police officer will ask a question, and the person will answer to Hawk," said Hutt.

If convicted, she faces the possibility of up to 10 years in prison and would need to register as a sex offender.

As the girl watched the video she patted the dog at times, and at other times showed the typical restlessness of a little girl.

The girl’s father watched the video from the prisoner’s box and showed little reaction.

Lucy, a victim services dog located in Camrose, Alta., was the first in the province and the second in Canada.

"When a dog like Hawk is lying there quiet and comfortable, people get the unconscious message that there is nothing wrong; that there is nothing to be afraid of," she said. Hawk is the only one in Calgary, but police plan to add another dog in the next year.

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