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If you really want to do more you can send your “story” to me, or even better send it to Alan Johnson the Health Secretary here.Mrs A was subjected to abysmal surgery by a “Senior” Consultant, who managed to cut her small bowel and did not ensure an adequate blood supply to the large bowel join, which failed, she was Septic on the ward for at least three days before anything was done and ended up in Intensive care on full life support for 23 days, then she was moved 90 miles to another hospital because they “needed the bed” and on her return contracted an MRSA Bacteraemia.Alan Johnson tells us that the NHS should be open and clear, it is about time he stood up and took responsibility, the arrival of a couple of hundred emails detailing the appalling treatment received by patients may make him think, or at least it will give him something to do for a while. We also managed to win 12 points trophies at our local shows.

Anne Higgins of Manchester, who recently wrote to me saying: "Duke is now preparing to start his second season of showing at local level.

within the Society's interest as a whole, that this project is undertaken.

Therefore, as subscription rates have remained very low for many years and members have not been heavily penalised in this area, the Council suggest that any of the members who wish to do so, may contribute to our 'computer fund'.

Regarding the latter, whilst the Society's affluence has been on the increase, we cannot ignore the general recession, which has already shown itself in the likely 20% reduction from our Racehorse Betting Levy Board Grant; which is an annual grant, of which we have been not only very grateful in the past but have heavily relied upon for our survival.

However, we have progressed from this heavy reliance and feel it is.

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