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Chatroulette is one of today’s most famous webcam sites.

It connects users to an archive of a million random strangers.

You can also be unlucky enough to unknowingly buy a laptop equipped with a Remote Access Tool (RAT).

Your household interiors would be online for everyone to see.

The third party would have total control over the laptop and could spy on everything you do including reading your messages, watching your photos, getting access to your passwords and Internet bank credentials.

Most people on adult webcam chat websites are trolls that aim only to blackmail people who perform adult behaviors in front of the camera.

Omegle lets teens and youths connect their profile to their Facebook profile so that they could import their interests and meet more people.

This makes it super dangerous because of the dissolution of the barrier between your Omegle anonymous self and your Facebook real self.

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This anonymous, dual-window, webcam service attracts teen videochatters from all over the world. Authorities also describe Chatroulette as one of the biggest contributors to “public indecency” including indecent behavior from minors and children.

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