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I straightened my hair and actively avoided aspects of black culture for much of my young life.

I began a journey of introspection that ultimately has me accepting all parts of my identity.

I no longer straighten my hair and I accept that people identify and recognize me as black.

How do you feel about the common assertion that we are all mixed race?

I was born in the Philippines and then when I was 5 years old my family and I moved to the United States.

I married a white man and there are times that we get looks from people. I have taken pride in my uniqueness and my racial makeup has given me a perspective that can help other people. Maybe, but I have been afforded this privilege so why not help people understand more about the world?

"The whole "Souls" concept became a tour, and it's something that we all believe in because we're all children of survivors of the genocide.

It's important for the recognition of the genocide as an end result, as well as attaining justice." | AM EDT Former T-ARA stylists have come forward to reveal the truth behind Hwayoung's ill-mannered acts towards them.

My high school boyfriend’s brother’s pet name for me (behind my back) was “nigger pussy.” How has you relationship with your parents influenced your racial identity?

I believe that I had a very different relationship to race than people who were half black and half white.

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