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90 million to the State by misusing as many as 40 vehicles of the State was remanded again Read more By Wimal Dheerasekera (Lanka-e-News -05.

March.2017, 11.45PM) There is only one genuine norm that is followed when going to war.

Feb.2017, 11.55PM) The joint convener of the organization to rescue Sri Lanka freedom party (SLFP) which carried out an internal struggle and even risked their lives to defeat the corrupt and crooked Rajapakse regime , the present ch Read more -When Chaturika does, it is right but if Rajapaksha's son does it is wrong ! Feb.2017, 11.30) Yet another villainous methodology adopted by Deputy speaker Thilanga Sumathipala who is guilty of monumental misuse of vehicles and funds of the cricket association while being its administrator , in order to secure Read more (Lanka-e-News -15.

Feb.2017, 11.30PM) The slow pace of transitional justice in Sri Lanka and the lack of a comprehensive strategy to address accountability for past crimes risk derailing the momentum towards lasting peace, reconciliation and stability, ac Read more (Lanka-e-News 02.

Feb.2017, 11.45PM) Lanka e news reported that a group wearing uniforms and resembling police officers arrived in a Truck lorry ( earlier it was reported the vehicle was a Dimo Batta Van .

It is hereby amended) on the 18 th at the a Read more (Lanka-e-News -20.

said a family can subsist on a monthly income of just Rs.

2500.00 in Sri Lanka , while himself enjoying the best of luxuries , perks and privileges selfishly and shamelessly , Read more (Lanka-e-News -10.

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