some says sensor size is small, but I don't care about sensor sizes, as long as it takes good and sharp pictures, I choose x30 because it doesn't of optical aa filter. Dear dreview friends, I just have a question about the present review: Why if the X20 has 77 points this new model has only 76?overall when I see all the good things that has the x20 in the x30 and more advanced features, something that you can tell about it, I´m actually deciding between the 2 models an this is something that stop me to buy the x30, please help!I own several cameras that may be compared with the X30, like the LX7, LX100, RX-100 III and some micro 4/3 ones like the E-M10.The X30 may not be the best camera for low light photography, but its lens is fantastic and razor sharp.The number of great shots I get has gone up astronomically with this camera because it is so fun to carry around. ' Aperture equivalence' is for imbeciles who place undo emphasis on DOF/bokeh.

Fuji’s X series has really made a mark in the camera world, and a good deal of the attention surrounding it has come about because of the classic styling of the products - as well as the image quality of the unique sensors, of course!

Also, with a modern fractal imaging piece of software I can easily make even larger prints and nobody complains.

I have especially good luck with larger prints using the On One Software photo resizing tool.

We have a lot of 'tools' in the camera market, but not many that are designed to be as pleasing to the eye as their output aims to be.

I rather admire Fuji for its recognition that photography is a passion, not just a job, for most of us and that we like to have nice looking things that work well.

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But, of course if you shoot raw and use the dreade Adobe Camera Raw, you'll simply kill all the details. Try a different approach and use Raw Therapee or Iridient Developer for raw convertion and you'll be stunned with the image quality the X30 can deliver.

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