Sedating cats on airplanes

We are all well aware of how tedious and draining it can be to move through airport security.

Everybody loves time off in an exotic location, including cats and dogs, but getting them there can be a whole new barrel of monkeys.

Most airlines have a cap as to how many pets they will allow on each flight, so get in there first.

You certainly don’t want to arrive at the airport with a pet that is not welcome on the plane.

You don’t have to worry about how your pet is faring underneath the plane, and your pet gets to be near you during this turbulent process (pun very much intended).

Dogs and cats with these traits will find it difficult to breathe at high altitudes and they are also not very adept at cooling off, making the cargo hold of an airplane a veritable death trap.

The ideal feeding time is roughly 3 to 4 hours before takeoff.

Make Sure You Have Everything They’ll Need When you are doing your final once-over of your luggage, don’t forget to think about things your pet is going to need too.

Breeds that are commonly banned include: Dogs: Is Your Kennel Up to Code?

If you plan on checking your pet, make sure their kennel is up to code.

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