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Perhaps, the secret lies in that mysterious Russian soul whose riddle still stays unsolved.

The main thing that makes foreigners look for a bride from Russia is family values that all Russian women share.

Dear team of, Last year in July me and my lady had our first meeting in Cheboksary.

After a wonderful meeting in Russia and holidays in Egypt, we decided to marry in September 2006.

Those men who have communicated with Russian girls, dated or even married one, can easily prove the contrary.

This is one of their characteristics that make them perfect candidates for marriage.

If you've never met Russian women personally and know only general facts about them, then your idea about these ladies must be pretty vague.

They are created because more and more foreigners want to find a Russian wife.

With the number of online dating sites grows the number of scammers who operate on those sites.

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They have traditional views on family life and the roles of a husband and wife in it.

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