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Albert Eadie joined the company and its name became the Eadie Manufacturing Co in 1896 based in Snow Hill, Birmingham.

In 1893, the Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd was registered to manufacture bicycles, adopting the branding Royal Enfield.

In 1882 his son, also named George, started making components for cycle manufacturers including saddles and forks.

By 1886 complete bicycles were being sold under the name of Townsend and also Ecossais.

A lawsuit over the use of 'Royal', brought by trademark owner David Holder, was judged in favour of Enfield of India, who now produce motorcycles under the Royal Enfield name.

George Townsend set up a business in 1851 in Redditch making sewing needles.

The independent company only lasted until 1908 when it was purchased by Alldays & Onions.

In 1907, Enfield merged with the Alldays & Onions Pneumatic Engineering Co.

Royal Enfield produced bicycles at its Redditch factory until it closed in early 1967.

A light car was introduced in 1903 powered by either a French Ader V-twin or De Dion single cylinder engine.

In 1906 car production was transferred to a new company, the Enfield Autocar Co Ltd with premises in Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

Enfield Manufacturing Company registered itself as the manufacturer of motorcycles in the year 1893 under the brand name – Royal Enfield.

Driven by the passion, lifestyle and enthusiasm of riders all round the globe, Royal Enfield bikes are broadly categorized in 4 different series depending upon the uniqueness and special turn of events for their evolution.

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