Row can not be located for updating how to appear less intimidating

The idea here is that we want to use a value to scan through the spreadsheet with to see if any rows have a matching a matching value.If there is a match, the step will be successful and the Zap will move onto the next action step, with the ability to use data from the row that was found.In the “Lookup Column" section, you’ll need to choose which column you want to search by in the drop-down menu.In this case, we'll want to pick the “Email Address” column because we want to check if the email addresses of the Eventbrite Attendees match any of the email addresses in the “Email Address" column of our Google Sheet.To use Google Sheets with Zapier you need to set up your spreadsheet in a very specific way.If you don't set up your spreadsheet this way, you're likely going to have problems. These are the things you'll need from your Google Sheet to optimize it for use with a Zap: If you’re looking to update a row in Google Sheets, you will need to first insert a search action to find the row ID.

After logging in and approving access, you'll be returned back to your Zap and your Google Sheet account will now be successfully connected.This will allow you to dynamically update rows in your spreadsheet because of the previously added search step.Under that field, you will want to be sure to fill out any and all fields you wanted to update in your spreadsheet, using the data from your trigger step.This way, we can keep an up to date sheet of attendee contact information in a Google Sheet and track who is attending the event.After setting up the trigger step, you’ll want to add a new step for Google Sheets and choose the "Lookup Spreadsheet Row,” action.

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If you do this we may not be able to match what you had previously done with what your spreadsheet is currently doing!

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