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Redlands revolves around three central characters: an aspiring model, Vienna (Nicole Fox), her indie-rocker boyfriend, Zach (Sam Brittan), and an amateur photographer who develops a strange obsession with his model, Allan (Clifford Morts).As John Brian King’s story begins, we think we know these people’s types; it soon turns out we never had a clue. She’s ready for anything, but it’s not money that drives her to creepy amateur photographers’ houses and lies her down naked on dusty plastic beach chairs – it’s her desire to be involved in something artistic; to not be the bimbo that people immediately assume she is, but an artist in her own right.These people are so deluded and problematic, so full of insecurities and vices, that their interactions become really uncomfortable for their audience.

Their lives are forever changed when Vienna meets Allan, a balding middle-aged amateur glamour photographer; unemployed and recently divorced, Allan’s unassuming behavior camouflages his feelings of inadequacy and his building resentment toward others.

Power-thirsty and self-absorbed, Zach has very little – if any – time for anything that is not aimed at pleasing him.

Whereas Allan seems to have had to put up with this his entire life.

And although we grow to dislike his characters more and more as the story progresses, we never feel underrepresented or alone in this; his apathy is almost sarcastic towards them, and he does know better than to just make a joke out of his protagonists for our satisfaction.

They keep making complete fools of themselves, anyway – he’s more aware of that than anybody else.

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Near the end of the film, there’s a scene in which Allan is in his car talking on the phone to his resentful ex-wife.

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