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For the PDP, the location of the XACML policy file does not need to be on-box.

For example, the policy can be fetched from an HTTP URL.

A request may contain XACML policy information as a part of the handling policy for the information in the request. The responsibility of PDP is to either accept or reject the access to the dedicated resource.

The PDP uses an XACML policy XML file to make the decision, which is written in a rules-based language defined by the XACML specification.

a) Extract Identity: Select Password-carrying Username Token Element from WS-Security Header.

Data Power supports XACML authorization as part of its standard AAA (Authenticate, Authorize, Audit) framework as a PEP; it can serve as both the PEP and PDP as well.

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As described in “Applicability of XACML Policies” section, “Target” element decides whether a particular policy is applicable to a given request. Figure 5 Step 2: Configure XACML Policy Decision Point Configure the XACML PDP object that specifies the location of the policy store directory: 1. Click Apply to save the changes to the running configuration. Optional: Click Save Config to save the changes to the startup configuration. Create an XSL file which parse’s the incoming request, gets the necessary information and passes it to PDP.

From the Web GUI, click Objects Access Settings XACML Policy Decision Point to display the XACML Policy Decision Point catalog. For instance refer Figure 6 Figure 6 Step 4: Configuring the AAA policy for XACML.

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XACML is an XML-based standard from OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) that is useful in expressing and evaluating access control decisions on a protected system resource.

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