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In our nighttime dream theatre our still, small voice of intuition and authenticity gets a bullhorn and runs the show without constraints.We call them Strange Dreams because they act out the metaphors we speak when we are awake.

“This book is for anybody,” Piane says, “for those who are either breaking up, shaken up or waking up.” After several heartbreaks stemming from her own failed relationships, the passing of her mother and a health crisis that threatened her own life, Piane had “enough wake-up calls for a lifetime.” Later Piane would follow her own advice and marry her soul mate, Joe Campanella, also a native Delawarean, in her 40s.Instead of penning a letter with a quill, you might dream of sitting in a cyber café e-mailing a friend. So, in addition to over 3,500 classic dream symbols, “The 21st Century Dreamer’s Dictionary” includes such contemporary symbols as: Atkins Diet, blackberry, blipvert, bling-bling, botox, buddy list, Curves, Donald Trump, Dr.Instead of surfing the ocean blue, you might dream of surfing the web and meeting Mr. Phil, DVD, e-book, frappaccino, hacker, internet, internet-café, liposuction, keyword, Kinko’s, Match.com, metro-sexual, MLM, MTV, multi-tasking,multiplex, Netflix, Oprah, rapid dating, retail therapy, ringtone, screensaver, search engine, Simon Cowell, text message, Viagra, website, and world wide web.In our waking reality it’s common to say, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”, “That guy is a pain in my neck”, “You’re pulling my leg”, “How many frogs will I have to kiss before I find my prince? ” “After he kissed me I felt ten feet tall and I was walking on air!” We think nothing of it when we hear these figures of speech, but when we recount a dream where we are kissing a frog while pigs are flying overhead, and we are dancing on air as high as a kite, we call it strange!

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