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Early examples were written for various instruments, but the best-known form of toccata originated about the beginning of the 17th cent.

Free in form, it was one of the first attempts at idiomatic writing for keyboard instruments, in contrast to the strictly contrapuntal pieces of the Renaissance.

The melodic minor scale raises the sixth and seventh degrees in ascending passages and lowers them in descending passages.

A seventeenth-century court dance in moderate triple meter that later served as the model for the third movement of Classical instrumental works.

From the 16th to the 18th century, organ toccatas were improvisational in nature and related to the prelude and fantasia. Stamping Ground is a work for six dancers who make their own music for most of its twenty minutes by thumping on the ground with their feet and slapping various parts of their bodies, although the final segment is accompanied by Carlos Chavez's for Toy Trains (1957) contain, in fact, a kind of Eames film formula: close-ups of nice, shiny objects - cute objects, really - rhythmically intercut to upbeat, jazzy music in a sequence lasting about as long as it takes to listen to a couple of pop singles.

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A sung religious dialogue that flourished during the eleventh and twelfth centuries.Examples of piano toccatas may be found in the works of R. They usually formed the introduction to an instrumental cycle, as in J. GENEVA -- Endosense, a medical technology company focused on improving the efficacy, safety and reproducibility of catheter ablation for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, has announced the release of 12-month data from the (TOu Ch for CATheter Ablation) study that further reinforce the potential of the Tacti Cath force-sensing ablation catheter to improve clinical outcomes in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia by catheter ablation.1), whose association with music especially with the mythological character Orpheus) is so strong that the word lyric is derived from it.(bar) The single recurrence of each regular pattern in a meter, consisting of a strong first beat and weaker subsidiary beats and set off in musical notation by vertical lines known as bar lines.

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