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Stranger: U NOOOO RUSSIAN You: I DO NO RUSSIAN Stranger: U STTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID AMAAAAAAAAAAARICAN You: IM KANADIAN ;( Stranger: SSSSTUPID AMAAARICAN You: AMERIKA IS OUR Stranger: SHHHHHHHITTTTTTTY KANADA PEEPLE You: AWWW Stranger: AAAAAAAAAAL DEH KNOW IS HOOOOOKEY You: I LIED You: I NO FUTBALl You: AND RUGBI You: AND BEISBAL You: AND TENIS You: AND MORE AND MORE Stranger: DAS IT Stranger: ?? You: goodbye Stranger: hey You: hey Stranger: hows life? It's bizarre because a secondary form, by the laws of science, is always going to be a secondary form. You: STOP MESCHING ME CUZ U KNOW I DRINK MUCH VODKA Stranger: I FACK U IN TEH BUTT Stranger: I HATE U Stranger: I HHHHHATE U You: THEN WHY MY BUTT?

How about when I'm forty; at a party or having a job interview? Being totally at ease striking up conversations with new people in social or business settings hugely improves life as you simultaneously have more fun and create more opportunities. Sure, confidently telling a stranger they have a nose the size of Trinidad is unlikely to win immediate friendship however pleasant your demeanour.

But what if the prospect of starting a conversation leaves you feeling weaker at the knees than a jellyfish on stilts? But the fact remains that when you're relaxed and confident, you'll transmit that comfort to the person(s) with whom you're communicating.

Fear, especially unnecessary fear, blocks opportunity. If you've always tended to wait until new people start chatting to you, then it may feel overwhelming to reverse that habit. Well, often they fear saying the 'wrong thing', but what does that mean?

Use self-hypnosis to visualize (and so instil the pattern in your mind of) yourself being calm, relaxed, friendly, and coherent when approaching new people.

I'll tell you what, as it's you, why not listen to this free audio session for a taste of how effective these kinds of psychological prepping exercises can be?

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Also, when listening to others speaking, smile (unless they're relating tales of their latest messy divorce). People who worry about not knowing what to say forget that when you communicate with someone else, you have the use of two brains. If you instigate a bonfire by lighting a match, then it burns. Introduce yourself and shake their hand: "Hi, I'm Mark. " Remember, when you approach someone for a chat, it's not just you; it's the two of you. A relative of mine had an almost military style of socially interrogating people. No one likes to be regaled with masses of detail about the car insurance form you filled out that morning (unless you can make it particularly amusing). "If you find something funny (and it's not their appearance), then say so.

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