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You do that but then again, it’s an imitation of a situation.

If we are in World War 2 it’s not World War 2, it’s an imitation of an event and that’s what artists do and they should be respected for that.

Talking about the sleaziness with which her kiss with Shahid in Rangoon has been discussed, Kangana adds…

“It’s very intimate, very awkward to perform an intimate scene.

I have a few critics who I have high regards for and I look forward to what their feedback is towards my work.

It is also known that during her recent holiday in Italy, Kangana purchased many stuff for Kunal.

(Nods in agreement with a slight blush on her face and says), Yes! And also, I don’t think sometimes people are just dishonest about it coz relationships can go through phases from seeing to dating to relationship to commitment.

And sometimes you know, you just have that physical comfort but you really don’t mean anything more than that. You can’t say that “hey, we are figuring it out” You simply say that we’re just friends. Well, I am going to marry someone so let’s just…if I kill someone then that person would also now…(pauses) You know how it gets printed in Hindi newspaper – “Yeh iski hatya karna chahti hai”( She wants to kill him)..

Check out the full gallery "I come from a middle class family, and my parents weren't too supportive of my career choices.

My father is a businessman, and my mother is a schoolteacher.

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  1. In Season 6, for his 30th birthday, Vince gives Turtle a 2009 Ferrari California, and his girlfriend Jamie-Lynn Sigler buys him a 2009 Porsche 911 convertible, complete with "Turtle" personalized license plates.