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Don't expect to read about this potential romance in The New York Times, however—Slim, the world's third richest man, is also The Times's largest shareholder outside of the Sulzberger clan.

Slim, a widower, lost his wife to a kidney ailment in 1999, the same year that King Hussein passed away after complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Chin up, Maja—at least you have a million private jet to look forward to.

It's always easiest to say "they don't treat me well because I am an outsider" but she has been a Jordanian queen for a few decades now.She now champions a number of world peace organizations.I'm curious about Queen Noor's relationships with her stepkids - can anyone give me some insight? However, Noor's relationship with her stepchildren really hasn't affected her children's relationships with their brothers and sisters. Plus, a letter from P Hasan to KA and CP Hamzah, they are very interesting, read them !!!! they spent most of the day at Q Zein's- then, when they were , Hayah and Abeer were the 1st, about 11, they were sent abroad to school- the reason why- don't know .... I only know that Ali and Hayah dislike Q Noor, Hayah refers to her as- my father's wife- QN did admit once, in an interview, that something did not work btw her and KH's kids.Of course they would be resentful of someone they saw as taking her place and, possibly theirs, in their fathers life.Also, any mother, no matter how sainted her intentions, is going to be closer to her own children than she will be to those of her predecessor.

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