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I find the opportunities are better for me than back home in the Midwest. I have only dated one guy, but it would easy to date others — even much younger than me!Even 22-year-olds are interested in me, and I'm in my 30s.But if something breaks down, I have no problems dealing with mechanics, or with overcharging by mechanics (which can happen anywhere, especially with women) — the rental company picks the car up and gives me a new one the same day. Back home in the Midwest, drivers tend to be kind and passive, and only occasionally aggressive. Some seem to feel if one car length is sacrificed, the whole journey will be delayed an hour or more.I've adapted to being very aggressive and acting without doubt in my driving.I don't want to forget how to budget and do things for myself. When I got here, I had anticipated it being a short-term thing, but now it's four years.I could probably have bought three cars now with the cost of renting!But I often need the inspiration of my fellow humans, as well.I am more extroverted here in Doha than I was back home in the United States.

I also have an issue with the sense of hypocrisy in some cases.

I have a good active group of friends, so every night, if I want, I could go out, e.g., for shisha [aka hookah or water pipe], or for music and dancing.

One of my friends is a DJ, we go to one of the lounges at The Pearl to dance and talk.

I am from a small town near a larger city, but it's still a very rural area.

Where I come from the rural Midwest, social life is going to a smoky bar and talking of hunting.

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