Psychostats not updating

Is it just me puts http/https in front of the URL ????

I think the problem you are experiencing so far as the Is it Me? I took the URL it was trying to access put it into the address box of my browser IE11 and got this message: Note the more information: so I think Is it Me has hit the security barrier and not a website barrier. I see also that when you click on the Free Download button to actually get it, the Status Bar of IE11 says it's going to: https:// but when you click on the Windows query about what you want to do it says it is going to download from that cdn site so it could also be a question of redirecting that is triggering a block either in a browser or in some security/antimalware software or similar at your ISP? But since Is it Me flags it as down for me but I can get the downloads via MBM doesn't it sound more like that MBM is blocking what it regards as robots since the approach is not via their normal web page or their utility UI.

The machine with the free version updated fine last night my time but the two others were last used last Sunday and will not update the definitions any newer. Maybe the problem has been fixed since you noticed it or my area was not affected?

Two with Norton installed have the Premium version but does not start with Windows and the third machine has the free version installed along with Windows Defender. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 2, Lost = 2 (50% loss), I manually updated MBAM (Premium version with real time functions disabled) a few minutes ago and it did it correctly - now showing Database version 20.04.

Dear Team, In my organisation having 3000 systems around 1500 systems will update DAT everyday and remaining will get fail while checking error is showing "error occured while downloading xxx.dat" and this case has been already escalated to Mc Afee three times but no use unable to solve they have reinstalled VSE,agent and latest DAT also but next day it will not update next dat version.

V20.01 I'm on the NBN and with ii Net, so possibly area/server issues ?

If anybody knows the solution please revert as soon as possible.

If your computer doesn't let you to complete these steps, contact the person who has administrator rights to your computer to complete the Chrome update.

Here's another of my tutorials but it is not finished.

Only the first part of the tutorial is done the second part i will have ready in my forum in a few days.

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