Pros and cons of dating someone in the army

Generally speaking, getting a decent house might take a while. If you decide to live off base, remember that some (aka most) places don’t accept pets. Millions of people save up their whole lives just to be able to visit Hawaii. 1) Housing Decide whether or not you want living in military housing. If you decide to live in housing, remember that you pay for utilities now (since 2013). By the way, this post may contain affiliate links and this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

I was then able to save up more money to make the move to North Carolina a couple months later.If you decide to live off base, keep in mind the traffic. No, and I mean no one, is in a rush to do anything, so you shouldn’t be either. You pretty much receive a lei for any special occasion. You’ll probably be living in flip-flops (“slippahs”) anyway so it won’t make too much of a difference. So if you’ve got the travel bug, here is your chance! Even with the construction, it will always be a nightmare. Buy used items for larger ticket items: vehicles, furniture, appliances.Generally speaking, there’s the windward side (east), the leeward side (west), town (Honolulu and surround areas), Central (Pearl City, Mililani, and surrounding areas), and the North Shore. Leave your shoes outside or by the door when you go to someone’s home. If you’re driving a lot, gas on base is usually cheaper. The lanes downtown are also teeny tiny as are the parking garages. When people leave the island, they don’t want to carry these things with them so on craigslist or facebook yardsales pages, you’ll see a lot of posts about “moving sales”.Not to mention for whatever reason, you’ll hear the newest music at least a month later than on the mainland. No, no, not just Don Ho but there are contemporary Hawaiian reggae artists and stations that are quite popular.Concerts are also popular, but be prepared to line up early for tickets. Visit ITT or LTS (otherwise known as the military ticket office) to learn about all of the activities and excursions that are available.

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