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EBONY: is about two friends who live a life of crime until one decides he wants out. Prodigy: It’s inspired by the places where I grew up, the people I came across and the things that I witnessed coming up.

Growing up in bad neighborhoods you see and experience a lot. These two characters were once best friends, and they turned on each other when they got older. EBONY: How would you compare your approach to writing a song to a book?

EBONY: Are you able to be more reflective in your books? When I was a little kid, I use to ask her what that meant. EBONY: The street-lit genre continues to grow massively, and these books are landing on best-seller lists.

Prodigy: When you are writing a book, you can go into a situation deeper and drag out the story so you have much more time to reflect about things. When I was locked up [from 2008-2011 for gun possession], books helped me forget where I was. I like the fact that it helps people leave their lives for a minute. She told me the history of how racists would call a successful Black person the H. What are your thoughts on those who think these writers aren’t serious and these books reinforce stereotypes?

If you’re not from that world, you may not be able to relate and your opinion doesn’t matter, really.It always intrigued me to read other people’s autobiographies, so I always wanted to do that for my family. We impacted so many people around the world with our music.I just wanted to memorialize us and immortalize us by writing a book about our history.The first release from Infamous Books, game), that delves into loyalty, betrayal and greed set in a crime-infested urban backdrop.“There are people living the street life who witness violence every day. ” Prodigy fires back to critics who question the artistic validity of these gritty tales.

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