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If they do, it is your job to test whether they are real and can be exploited. More and more, the world is turning to and adopting the smartphone platform as the digital device of choice.People are not only using smartphones for voice communication, but also web services, email, SMS, chatting, social networking, photography, payment services, and so on. As most of you know, I am strong advocate for using Linux as a hacking platform.

As part of the hack, thousands of emails and other material on their servers was divulged.As a hacker, you will often be forced to control the target system using just Windows commands and no GUI. Recently, Microsoft released a new patch (September 8, 2015) to close another vulnerability in their Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 operating systems.The vulnerability in question (MS15-100) enabled an attacker to gain remote access to any of these systems using a well-crafted Media Center link (MCL) file. As many of you know, Null Byte will soon be re-establishing its IRC channel.In addition, Linux and Unix servers are the operating system of choice for major international corporations (including almost all the major banks) throughout the world. A short while ago, I introduced you to regular expressions.Regular expressions are a language that is particularly useful for finding complex text patterns in streams of data. New hackers often ask me the same question: "What is the easiest platform to hack? Every so often, a MAJOR vulnerability appears that makes millions of systems vulnerable to attack.

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