Problems dating metamorphic rocks

How did Noah know which species were clean several thousand years before God imparted those laws to Moses?And if Noah knew about “clean” animals, why wasn’t that knowledge passed down through the generations?OK, how about “kinds”: Two of the dog “kind,” two of the antelope “kind,” two of the elephant “kind,” two of the diplodocus “kind,”ad finitum?

Why not simply snap His fingers and make all the bad people disappear? That would be the same Noah whose first crop after the Flood was wine grapes.If you think conditions on Venus are hellish, try modelling the atmospheric conditions on an Earth with all the gigatons of ocean water added to the atmosphere!If Adam’s descendants were protected from such incredible temperatures and pressures (the natural physical result of such super-greenhouse conditions) by some sort of miraculous intervention, then again this is not creation science, just creation magic.One more: God states unequivocally that the rainbow is to remind Him of the no-Flood clause. A dozen different people claiming to have found the Ark in a dozen different places is even more embarrassing than not finding it at all.If God has such a faulty memory that He needs such cosmic Post-it Notes, we’re in And from Barrie: 40 days and 40 nights of rain raised the ocean levels by 29,000 feet to cover the Earth. For some reason that escapes creationists, it just won’t be found and stay found.

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