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They also captured images of Bonas as she jokingly heckled Harry as he took the stage.

Dressed in baggy jeans and a blue work shirt, he delivered a speech that encouraged young people to work for social change."Personally, I think it's the coolest thing in the world," Harry said.

Now, our fave former bad boy is taking a HUGE step in his romance by attending a wedding with his lovely lady! Astrologer Terry Nazon Weighs In On Harry & Meghan's Royal Romance!

Sure, it might not seem like that big of news, but these ceremonies are HUGE for couples because Harry is risking Meg getting all those goopy wedding feels and wanting one of her own. It could be, as it's said he's taking Meghan to Jamaica for the wedding of his friend Tom "Skippy" Inskip and literary agent Lara Hughes-Young.

A source at the nuptials had a lot to say about Harry and Meghan, saying that the prince seemed "joyful" to introduce Markle around to his friends, and adding: Damn, this is serious.

Prince Harry always seemed like the kind of guy who might stay single forever, but Meghan Markle has certainly made him settle down — yup, no more nudie Vegas pics.

(That couple, equally low-key, are also rumored to be getting engaged soon.)Harry's participation at the We Day event capped a week of public appearances for the prince, who's given up his job as a helicopter pilot and taken an Army desk job in London.

On Thursday, he announced the Invictus Games for wounded warriors, which will take place in September in London.

And this coming Monday, he's expected to meet with a team of wounded vets who rowed across the Atlantic last year.

The beloved royal couple were married from 1981-1996, though their marriage became the center of media attention around the world when allegations of Before she was rubbing elbows with British royalty, Meghan Markle was just another struggling actress trying to make it in Hollywood!

Weeks before her relationship with Prince Harry made headlines, the founder Jaclyn Johnson in October 2016, Markle explained she had just flown in from London the night before (*wink, wink*), and was seen sporting the matching bracelet on her left hand she and Harry wear.

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