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o A cheque may be signed “per pro” the account-holder who has given such instructions to his bank o A cheque may be signed under power of attorney on behalf of an account-holder who is unable to sign due to illness.Such power of attorney would be registered with the courts and notified to the bank o A cheque may be signed by means of a witnessed mark where the accountholder is illiterate or unable to sign o A cheque drawn on a joint account may require one, two, or more signatures o A company cheque may require one or more signatures as agreed with the bank.The design consists of an Irish harp in a horseshoe shape, with the words IRELAND.At the time of writing, the stamp duty is €0.50 per cheque.This code will control the flow of the cheque through the banks book-keeping system and may define the bank charge to be applied.

o Account number – 8 digits o Transaction code – two digits.If the cheque is a response to an invoice, then the payee should match the header of the invoice.A cheque can be used to withdraw cash from your own account, and so can be made payable to "cash".The main alternative for business transactions is credit transfer, which pays the funds from the payers account immediately. The usage of cheques by private individuals in Ireland has declined as the usage of cards and electronic payments has increased.However, usage of cheques by businesses, especially for business to business payments is widespread, and seems set to continue for many years.

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